Updated assignment

Courtesy of Chris Ray comes a short primer / review on complex numbers.  (Thanks, Chris!)  For Friday, read through the PDF file and do the enclosed problems 2.17-2.19, bringing your solutions to class.  There won’t be any reading response questions for Friday.  We’ll push back Friday’s previously assigned reading on cryptography to Monday, and Monday’s reading to next Wednesday.  The assigned problems from R&P for Monday remain the same.


2 responses to “Updated assignment”

  1. Adam says :

    Is there a typo at the end of page 41? Should the equation end with “i(x1y1+x2y2)”?

    • ekb2 says :

      Yes, there’s a typo, but the correction is as follows: (x1 + iy1)(x2 + iy2) = x1x2 + ix1y2 + iy1x2 + i^2 y1y2 = (x1x2 – y1y2) +i(x1y2+y1x2).

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